Love Marriage

In India, Love Marriage is the term of getting married by the two souls with complete involvement with or without their parents and families consents. In love marriage, the two parties can be at any religious and caste that they have rights to do inter-religious and inter-caste marriage under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Even though it is a love marriage, they can register the marriage legally based on the rules. Both the male and female should do register the marriage in front of the registrar with parents or guardians or witness signature. The love marriage is categorized into two styles:

Love cum Arranged Marriage

Love cum Arranged Marriage defines that the two persons who are in love with each other are decided to marry with their parents and families consent and finally celebrating as in the form of love and arranged marriage.

Love Marriage

Love Marriage defines that the two persons who are in love with each other are decided to marry without their parents and families consent. But the marriage should be legitimate. So, during the marriage registration, the couples can register the marriage with a witness on both sides is enough to show it as a legal marriage.

When the marriage is registered on or before the marriage, they receive the certificate after the 30 days of registration. So, they put the notice about their marriage publically in the register office and also give a copy of that notice to the related resident area of the married couple through the marriage officer. If any opposition from the couple’s families or others over the marriage before the expiring date of the publication of that notice, the marriage registrar/officer can inquire about the marriage and take a decision that the marriage is solemnized or not solemnized.

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