Do We Really Know What’s Going Into Our Food?

Recent research has shown that nearly half of all commercial high-fructose syrup used in processed foods like fizzy drinks, tomato ketchup and sweets has toxic mercury in it. This once again begs the question if we really know what we are consuming most of the time?

The report was published in the journal Environmental Healthand it showed that amongst the 20 samples tested for heavy metal, nine of them tested positive. This has once again raised questions about the safety of this commonly used sweetener, especially considering it is used in all sorts of products from salad dressing to breads and cereals. High-fructose syrup was ‘quietly’ introduced into the US food supply during the 80s and is now a major part of millions of people’s diets. Whilst this seems to be occurring predominantly in America it is also a concern for us Brits and as tempted as you are to buy some traditional American cereals and treats, it is probably a better idea to opt for a healthier alternative.

The Washington Posthas also stated that the average American actually consumes around 12 tablespoons of the high-fructose syrup a day! Even worse is that teenagers and other high consumers are said to consume up to 80 percent more than that. The result of this is that people are consuming an amount of mercury that has never been seen before.

There is plenty of additional research that supports these findings, with the IATP conducting a study on the consumer products that contain this syrup. They found that almost a third of them contain mercury and this spanned as far as dairy products, condiments and salad dressings. The study provided a list of the 55 consumer products that were tested and it shows some of the worst offenders for containing mercury. Some of the worst of these were Quaker Oatmeal to Go, Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauce, Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup and Nutri-Grain Strawberry Cereal Bars.

But what is the reason behind some of the high-fructose syrup products containing mercury and others not? It all comes down to how the product is manufactured, with some of the worst offending products having containing syrup that is created by “mercury-cell” technology, which contaminates the end product. This is where mercury-grade caustic soda that is used to help create the corn starch from corn kernels. It truly is an outdated technology that is highly toxic and shouldn’t be allowed in the manufacture of food and drink products.

What we should take away from this is that processed foods aren’t the answer to a happy and healthy diet, we truly don’t know the half of what goes into them and therefore they should be avoided at all costs. The issue is that no one actually knows that this type of toxic material is actually in their food and drink, therefore they don’t realise that they should be avoiding it and the food companies don’t bother changing their manufacturing process.