Juices and Smoothies: Being Creative With Your Daily Fruit and Veg

Smoothies and juices have become and extremely popular method of consuming a good amount of your daily fruit and vegetable intake. They are a quick and simple method of doing this that doesn’t require you to munch through a pile of raw fruit and vegetables…oh and did we mention they are delicious? So if you are struggling to consumer your 5-a-day (which has actually increased to at least 7-a-day) then why not be creative and make your own juices!

Making your own juices or smoothies allows you to add or remove whatever ingredients you aren’t too fond of and you can change the consistency and flavour to suit your needs. Here we have listed some of our favourite recipes to get your creative juices flowing.

Tropical Smoothie
A tropical smoothie is a funky and fun drink that you can put anything from pineapple to coconut and mango in. Be sure to add a dash of ginger and mint for a healthy and refreshing kick and some tofu for texture if you are looking for a meal replacement! If you add all of these ingredients then you are going to be getting a good dose of natural proteins and a heap of vitamins.

Banana and Maple Smoothie
If you are after a great breakfast smoothie then look no further than the banana-maple mix. Feel free to chuck in some yoghurt, pecans and nutmeg along with the main two ingredients to not only satisfy your sweet tooth but to also get a good dose of fibre and slow release energy from the banana.

Double C Smoothie
The idea behind this smoothie is to boost your immune system, add kiwi, papaya and low-fat frozen yoghurt for a vitamin C boost and a delicious texture. The frozen yoghurt gives you a nice bit of protein to help stave off hunger and you get a healthy amount of vitamins too.

Apple and Ginger Juice
For the more traditional out there, the apple and ginger juice is a great option especially when combined with beets. These ingredients are rich in folic acid, iron, potassium and vitamin C. more importantly the drink is also low in calories and natural sugars, something that a lot of smoothies can struggle with.

Kale, Coconut and ginger Juice
If you are after a natural pick me up then you might want to consider going for a delicious green juice. By having kale and adding apple you are not only giving it a bit more sweetness but also natural sugars that help to keep your energy levels up. This juice contains a whole host of vitamins and nutrients that your body will appreciate at any time of the day.

Peanut Buttercup Smoothie
Ok so this one is slightly indulgent but it is also a healthier alternative than partaking in eating chocolate bars! If you have a particularly big sweet tooth then this peanut butter treat will help keep you sated without the guilt.