The Best Foods To Buy On A Budget

We have all been a little strapped for cash at one point or another in our lives, whether you have just moved to the big city and you’re finding rent a labour or you’ve just been fired from your job. But when it all comes down to it the most important thing is being healthy and there isn’t a more important way to do so than eating well.

As much as popular belief would have you think that eating healthy has to be costly, it really doesn’t and here we have compiled a list of the best foods that you should buy when you’re on a budget. This list is a reminder that not all healthy food has to be costly and more importantly that a focus on unprocessed foods can not only be cheaper but also a lot better for you than processed alternatives.

Brown Rice
Brown rice is a lot better for you that white rice and it’s surprising how many people still go for the white option. Brown rice is full of vitamins, minerals and a lot of fiber, which helps you stay fuller for longer as it slows the digestion – this is perfect for anyone that is finding they are on a bit of a tight budget and want a healthy staple food to rely on.

Buying in bulk can be a great way to get more for your money and not only is this true for rice but also with beans. Beans are a surprisingly versatile option that you can combine with rice and spice to your own specific taste. It is also a great alternative to meat and the sooner people realise that meat isn’t integral in every meal, the better we’ll all be for it! Beans are a great replacement as they are high in fibre and protein; you can even get bean protein powders.

This is perhaps one of the most commonly known staples for a lot of people on a budget. Potatoes are incredibly versatile and can either be eaten by themselves as jacket potatoes or put in a variety of meals to add substance and bulk to a meal. Potatoes contain 45 percent of the recommended daily nutritional intake of vitamin C and have a host of fiber to match.

Potato is also virtually fat free and this helps make it surprisingly ideal for weight loss, although you should be careful how you cook them as frying them or having them as chips really isn’t the healthy option.

Green Vegetables
Green vegetables are hugely important to a healthy diet. From broccoli to kale and spinach, there are so many greens that can be incorporated into your diet and they have a huge number of benefits to them. People tend to neglect greens because they aren’t creative enough with them, why not try and make kale crisps by cooking them in the oven until they crisp up. Simply add some salt or balsamic for a delicious and quick snack.