What Is Concrete Leveling?

Truth be told, many homeowners often are unaware of the term “concrete leveling” in their lifetime. They only become aware of this term when it’s time for repairing some uneven or cracked concrete slab. Of course, a lot of homeowners even question the effectiveness of this method. Whatever the case may be, concrete leveling is a method that works. Also known as slabjacking, this method has been useful in repairing concretes since the 1930s. Depending on how badly your concrete slabs have been damaged, you can consider to replace them or opt for the simpler slabjacking method.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners tend to make is ignoring the key component of their home: the concrete. When you ignore the slight drooping in the patio or the fine cracks in the basement that just leaves scope for bigger problems to arise. The reason behind it usually is that we are used to thinking that it’s normal to have a few cracks in the concrete. However, without a trained eye you cannot differentiate between a normal crack and a red flag.

Now you may wonder why not just get a new pair of fresh slabs? Won’t that last longer? But truth be told, when it comes to fixing concrete damage, newer isn’t always better. After all, the new slab will probably be placed on top of the pre-existing soil foundation unless you invest time and money to excavate, refill and compact the soil. Therefore, concrete leveling or slabjacking is a much more cost-effective method that will last longer than your newly replaced slab.